Membrane Switches

A membrane switch is an electronic switch that is commonly used in a variety of electronic devices, including medical equipment, industrial controls, appliances, consumer electronics, and automotive applications. Membrane switches consist of a thin, flexible membrane that contains printed circuitry and conductive elements to make contact with the circuitry and control the device. Membrane switch consists of multi-layer material with top graphic cover layer, graphic adhesive layer, circuit spacer layer and bottom adhesive layer.
membrane switch manufacturer in China
Ruxian Technology is a membrane switch manufacturer in China, Ruxian Technology designs and produces high quality membrane switches for various industries. Ruxian Technology is headquartered in Shenzhen, China,
Roodisplay’s membrane switches are durable, reliable and easy to use. Roodisplay’s membrane switches use advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure that each product meets strict quality standards.
Product application of membrane switch
1. Membrane switches are widely used in various medical equipment, including diagnostic machines, surgical instruments, patient monitoring systems, medical imaging equipment, etc. Membrane switches can be customized to meet the specific requirements of medical device manufacturers.
2. Membrane switches are often used in control panels of industrial equipment, including machinery, manufacturing equipment, and automation machines.
3. Membrane switches are used in consumer electronics such as smart home appliances, remote controls and home entertainment equipment.
4. Automotive applications: Membrane switches are used in automotive applications, including dashboard controls, infotainment systems, and GPS systems.
5. Membrane switches are used in aerospace and defense applications, including flight control, instrumentation systems, and communication equipment.
Ruxian Technology can customize membrane switches to meet the specific requirements of various industries and applications. Ruxian Technology provides solutions for membrane switches suitable for various electronic devices.

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